Glass staircases Sheffield - Walk on Transparency!

You want to make something special for your home or office? If you want to add a special element to your home or office, glass staircase is a very good idea. This is guaranteed a separate and distinctive architectural asset to your interior. Walk on transparency!  Glass staircase Sheffield provides a feeling of space and can be used both indoors and outdoors. 


Glass stairs care in any setting for an exclusive look. By combining different materials, a glass staircase suits both in a house and in a business space, with a modern or classic interior. Traditional Glass staircase design covers a range of architectural styles. Selecting a staircase design depends on the interior architecture of the home.



















Transparent And Translucent Glass:

A glass staircase makes good use of some general material goods of glass such as glass transparent and translucent. It is dimensionally stable at different temperatures, freely available, scratch resistant, environmentally friendly and available in different sizes and thicknesses. In addition, glass also available with high flexural tensile strength which is great for creating stairs in glass.  Several models consider the straight stitch stairs, spiral or twist staircases, quarter turn stairs and landing stages with a rest area between two stairs. Stairs in glass not always be transparent. They can be made ​​from leavened, frosted or colored glass and are equipped with an anti-slip top plate.


The Stair Company UK:

For a glass staircase please contact The Stair Company UK. They have the experience and know-how to make. They make not only glass stairs but also stairs of steel and stainless steel. With optimum craftsmanship and attention to detail is guaranteed. Lifelong pleasure Glass stairs always make for a good result in any interior. Are you interested? Then make sure an appointment to discuss your plans. For more information call at 0114 285 4994